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Tourist Office website
A map of the Island, the plans of the four communes Noirmoutier, l'Epine, La Guérinière and Barbâtre, key figures, employment and economic activity of the Island, defense actions against the sea, tide times, markets as well as all the fun, sports and tourist activities offered by the Tourist Office.

See the beautiful film produced by the Office to highlight the quality of services on the Island
Marais salants, une ambiance particulière
Poissons et crustacés, sel et pommes de terre
Flavors of the Island website
In addition to this, you need to know more about it.
Here, the land, the sea, the sun and the wind have long been the source of significant local production.
The production of salt and fleur de sel is an ancient activity on the island.
Fishing for fish and shellfish has developed with the development of the port of L'Herbaudière, the production of oysters and mussels and the breeding of turbot have grown significantly over the last century.
Growing potatoes is a major asset for the Island's economy.
Noirmoutier aquarium
Enter SEALAND, enter the aquatic world. Here you are in the Land of the Seas. To the sound of strange music, Neptune presents you the fantastic universe of underwater flora and fauna, discover this marvelous spectacle and dream as much as you like in this fabulous universe of silence and colors.
500,000 liters of seawater, 200 meters of route, 200 species and 1,000 animals.
Duration of the visit: 1h30
Phone 02 51 39 08 11
Visitez l'Aquarium et l'univers fabuleux du monde du silence
Patrice Millasseau vous accueille au Restaurant de l'Etier
Restaurant L'Etier
At high tide, the channel boat (Arceau etier) arrives at the veranda of this former oyster hut transformed into a gourmet restaurant.

The chef, Patrice Millasseau, works with finesse the fish bought at the herbaudière auction.
Phone 02 51 39 10 28
Butterfly Island

In the heart of a greenhouse maintained at a temperature of 26 °, come and walk among hundreds of tropical butterflies from all over the world, flying in total freedom among the plants and flowers of the tropics.
During your visit you will be able to watch our new film on the life cycle of the butterfly and attend births in our hatcher.

Phone 02 51 35 77 88
Idea Leuconoe, papillon des Philippines
La biscuiterie Les Petits Cagnotes à l'entrée de la ville
Biscuit factory Les Petits Cagniotes
The small cagniotes cakes (cakes in patois) are exclusively made in our Noirmoutier workshop, according to family tradition (in the family, we are all cooks or pastry chefs). For the preparation of our pasta, we use: real flour from a miller who does not sleep, real eggs from hens which frolic in the open air, a little sugar (but not too much), real PDO butter and much sure of the delicate fleur de sel from our beautiful island of Noirmoutier. For the rest, we select just the best: vanilla pod, chocolate couverture, real spices ...
L'Her du Temps

The Her du Temps restaurant offers a very wide choice of 100% homemade pancakes and pancakes according to seasonal products. This "crêperie in the soul" offers you a galette menu where you can choose THE galette that will suit you according to the products you like.

Opt for a buckwheat pancake with green asparagus accompanied by scallops with lemon and combawa emulsion. This mix of seasonal products and exotic flavors will make you succumb.

If you are passing through Noirmoutier Island and looking for a very pleasant crêperie, the restaurant l'Her du temps is the place to stop.

18 Grande Rue, 85330 Noirmoutier-en-l'Île
Phone 02 51 39 09 28
La Crêperie L'Her du Temps
Filet de bar aux langoustines et son écume de champignons
The P'tit Noirmout
Located just behind the port, next to the town hall, the storefront of the P'tit Noirmout opens on sunny days to take advantage of the light and the mild Noirmoutrin climate. The room is warm and tastefully furnished: exposed stone, parquet, edged burgundy painted beams with a white wooden ceiling, and nicely set tables. The setting has charm.
The cuisine is not lacking either and revolves around a menu that gives pride of place to fish and seafood, offered in platters.
10 rue du Marché 85330 Noirmoutier in the island
Phone 02 28 10 79 52
Le Petit Banc
Small establishment, bistro atmosphere, facing the ramparts of the castle, with a limited menu to vary regularly. Le Petit Banc offers traditional cuisine. Room 24 places (no tables of more than 6 people)
- Slate kitchen (to renew often).
- Beef steak, Saint-Marcellin sauce.
- Gratin dauphinois and macaroni gratin.
- Duck breast with balsamic vinegar.
MICHELIN Guide 2016
7 rue des Douves 85330 Noirmoutier in the island
Phone 02 28 10 93 21
Le Petit Banc
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